Social Media Strategy


It doesn’t matter if its PR, advertising, or marketing. The implementation of effective social media strategy is vital for any form of strategic communication. This is interesting because relatively speaking, social media is a very recent development. It just so happens that it is a development that goes hand in hand with strategic communication. As a new and rapidly expanding phenomenon, many experienced practitioners are new to social media. This poses a challenge as companies have had to think of all the possible ways that social media can be used to better their communication. It has also been necessary for companies to think of the ways that social media can negatively impact them. All of this has created an interesting dynamic in the communications realm. Here are a couple things to consider.

Social media are now one of the main communication channels for customer relations

Social media is instant. A single complaint from a customer can be viewed immediately by thousands. On the flip side, positive reviews also have the potential to have an immediate and vast viewing. What does this mean? Companies better be prepared to respond to customer social media comments at a moments notice! Faulty preparation to do this could be a big blow for a company.

A variety of skills and knowledge are necessary for a social media campaign

Since this is the case, it is important for senior PR professionals and tech saavy individuals to work together for social media campaigns. They both have knowledge that is necessary to use social media  to its full potential. The senior PR professionals can make it clear what they want to achieve with the social media. With greater technological and social media knowledge, the tech saavy individual will be able to make that vision a reality. One without the other would lead to fruitless results. A senior PR professional would not likely have as good a grasp of social media as the “techy”, the “techy” would not possess the proper knowledge for launching an effective campaign.

With all of these things in mind, it will be interesting to observe the developments as social media continues to shape strategic communication.


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